About Us

After a project was created in Uganda to build a boarding school for deaf children, a contribution in 2004 of nearly £3000 from the The Rowan Varey Memorial Fund meant that they could start to build the dormitory, and they could also afford basic equipment, such as beds and mattresses, plus they were even able to equip the school with pens, pencils, Braille books etc.

The dormitory has now been completed and is in use following an opening ceremony towards the end of 2005, the girl’s wing has been named after Rowan. Since that time the school has developed, with new classrooms being built and large water storage tanks having been installed to prevent the children having to walk miles to the water well.

Could you make a donation to help continue the work?

£10 GBP buys 300 bricks

£20 GBP would sponsor a child’s learning for two weeks

Please contact us if you would like more information or to donate