Kinyinya School in Uganda is a boarding school for deaf children, many of whom are orphaned, mainly by Aids or war.

While children are learning, parts of the school are still being built around them – it’s an ongoing project that provides education and gives opportunities. 

“Bruno, a young deaf boy of 19 years, has been my pupil at Kinyinya school for the deaf. He sat the Uganda primary leaving examination (PLE) in 2013 and passed in Division two with 15 aggregates. He joined San Glovanni secondary school-Makiro in Kanungu district and studied with the help of an interpreter and completed senior four in 2017. He passed in Division one. He is now working as a sign language instructor, mentor, peer educator and a role model for the Deaf pupils at Kinyinya School.

Kamukama, a deaf girl of 18 years is another beneficiary of Kinyinya school for deaf education. After completing her primary leaving examination 2014, she joined Uganda society for deaf, vocation learning center and got skills in knitting and tailoring. She returned back to kiniyinya vocation learning and training center to work as a vocation instructor, a mentor for deaf girls and a peer educator. She currently trains other pupils mostly girls in knitting and tailoring with hands on work and make clothes, sweaters and school uniform which they sell to other schools and people within kinyinya area and nearby market ‘I earn a living from the sale of my clothes that I make with other deaf girls, I sell my clothes for Uganda shilling 30,000 to 60,000) and I plan to open up cloth shop when I get the capital’”.


The video below shows ‘Unreported World’ following the inspirational work of the sign language teachers transforming the lives of deaf children and adults in Uganda. Kinyinya School is featured from the 7th minute onwards: