School Governing Board

Positions and responsibilities

Chairperson of the school

  1. Plans BOG meetings
  2. Monitor school finance and program
  3. Ensure the school standard is high
  4. Approve school budget and plans
  5. Ensure school has enough facilities including classroom, dormitories, latrines and boarding facilities


  1. Coordinates school programs and projects to ensure they are in line with the school mission, vision and strategic objectives
  2. Ensure enough and qualified teachers are posted to school
  3. Ensure all pupils with special needs have access to equitable and complete comprehensive free quality education
  4. Coordinates school, community and donor efforts to harmonize relationship
  5. Organize fundraising functions for the school including developing school fundraising proposals
  6. Coordinates the community, local government and school effort to ensure they have a good working relationship

Secretary/Head teacher

  1. Plan and budget for the school
  2. Manages school finance – income and expenditures
  3. Accounting officer for the school
  4. Donor communication
  5. Manages teaching staff
  6. Monitor and ensure quality teaching and high performance of the children

Other governors’ responsibilities

  1. Attend school meetings
  2. Mobilize finance and materials resources for the school
  3. Mobilize deaf children to attend school
  4. Sensitize parents to support education of children with special needs
  5. Monitor school progress and provide advice to management